Our clients tell us ITC’s system engineering expertise has been invaluable in delivering their complex large scale programs successfully on time and on budget. Often our clients don’t know where to begin when starting a new program, but our engineers ask the right questions, and our clients trust us to deliver the right solutions.


Industries Served

Government Consulting

We seek to unify and deliver the technical vision of products and services for government systems. Our goal is to ensure that effective and supportable systems get fielded and can be operated efficiently. We provide a multidisciplinary team of engineers and analysts to design and integrate systems to meet client needs. Bottom line – in our system engineering role, we act as the Technical Expert to maintain the technical rigor required by our government clients.



  • Enterprise Systems Engineering Architecture (ESEA) II
  • Enterprise Program Management (EPM) III (BA5)
  • Enterprise Program Management (EPM) III (BA6)
  • Enterprise Program Management (EPM) III (BA8)
  • Enterprise IT Operations
  • Strategic Management Information Services (SMIS)
  • GSA – Coming Soon


Commercial Security

We help you achieve effective solutions to challenging problems in a creative yet disciplined approach. Our system engineering rigor helps you to achieve your business objectives.