We look for competent individuals who can get the job done. People who are willing to take risks and the have the courage to take on challenges.  Our employees are confident in their skills and experience, and are not afraid to express their opinion in spite of disagreements from others to achieve the best solution. We seek individuals who persevere in the face of adversity while demonstrating an inner strength to remain calm and complete the job.


ITC employs only the highest quality domain experts from industry and academia to solve the hardest technical challenges. We continuously modernize and green our technical consultants to ensure they remain on the edge of process and technical innovation to deliver best in class services. ITC corporate culture reflects our core values of integrity, ethical partnerships, quality performance, and respect for the dignity of our employees and customers.

  • Skills

    • Acquisition Management • Cyber Security Analysis • Research & Development
    • Agile Development • Cyber Security Operations • SharePoint Development
    • Big Data Analysis • Data Modeling • Social Media Analysis
    • Biometrics Engineering Business Operations • Enterprise Architecture • Software Engineering
    • Business Process Engineering • Financial Analysis • Systems Design
    • Cloud Computing Services • Hardware & Field Engineering Services • Systems Engineering
    • Collaboration & Information Sharing • Information Assurance • Systems Integration and Test
    • Communications Engineering • Linguistic Analysis • Technology Strategies & Forecasting
    • Configuration Management • Mission Operations Support • Curriculum Development
    • Cyber Mission Requirements • Network Engineering • UAV Technology
    • Cyber Security Engineering • Operational Test & Evaluation • User Experience Engineering
    • Cyber Analysis • Program/Project Management

  • Integrity

    Our employees are honest in working with our clients.  We learn from our past opportunities so we can deliver the right solutions every time.

  • Competence

    We get the job done when others cannot. Our years of experience, and the broad skills we bring to each job makes us uniquely qualified.  Our employees are considered THE subject matter expert in many fields.

  • Prioritization

    We set priorities to focus on the most relevant tasks, so our clients get what they expect when they expect it. Our focus is single-mindedly on getting the best outcome for our clients.

  • Risk Takers

    We take calculated risks in accepting complex challenges.

  • Collaboration

    Working together to achieve successful customer outcomes.

  • Perseverance

    We persevere when facing challenges. We remain focused, calm, and in control when faced with the inevitable crises that occur.